Wuxt combines WordPress, the worlds biggest CMS with nuxt.js, the most awesome front-end application framework yet.

The goal is to provide a ready to use development environment, which makes the full power of WordPress easily available to your front-and app. Included in Wuxt are:

  • Fully dockerized WordPress and nuxt.js container configuration, docker-compose up -d sets up everything needed in one command and you can start working
  • Extended Rest API to give the front-end easy access to meta-fields, featured media menus or the front-page configuration.
  • The newest nuxt.js version, extended with a WordPress $wp object, to connect to the extended WordPress Rest API.

All together the Wuxt features get you started with your front-end with just one command, you just need to work with the intuitive WordPress admin interface and can skip all back-end coding. But if you know your way around WordPress you are able to easily extend the back-end as well.